Study, Work & Settle in Australia


Australia is one of the most favoured destination for studying abroad. Apart from being naturally endowed with beauty and serenity, they house many of the world’s most reputable universities and institutions. Right from the cultural adaptability to the ease and convenience of life, all sums up to making it the most ideal study spot for the masses.


Australia offer excellent work & settlement options post study such as with 92 weeks of study graduates are allowed to stay in Australia on a temporary residence visa (Work Permit) for 2 years and after this duration if candidate can score required points for permanent residency under various visa subclass options such as 189 / 190 / 489 sub class. It is very crucial and sometimes complex to understand that choosing the right occupation is also very important and for that our expert team comes handy as we will go through with you SOL and CSOL lists and try to match your career aspirations with correct career path as we believe our success lies in your success.

Contemplating moving abroad? But not sure if you qualify! Feel free to speak to Mr.Victor (Licensed Immigration Adviser) at +91 99 999 43336. MARA REGISTRATION NUMBER-1385560 under The Government of Australia & Licensed Immigration Adviser Authorised by IAA New Zealand REGISTRATION NUMBER- IAA201300227 under the Government of New Zealand.


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