Study, Work & Settle in New Zealand

New Zealand is the most favored destination for studying abroad. Apart from being naturally endowed with beauty and serenity, they house many of the world’s most reputable universities and institutions. Right from the cultural adaptability to the ease and convenience of life, all sums up to making it the most ideal study spot for the masses.

New Zealand offer best value for money allowing students great part time opportunities and excellent post study work options. After schooling students are authorized to study level 5 & 6 programs for 2 years leading to 1 year of post study "Graduate Job Search Visa". Degree holders have 3 pathways available to them such as : 1. Graduate Diploma or diploma level 7 programs for 1 year. 2. Post graduate diploma programs for 1 year. 3. Master or MBA programs between 1.5 - 2 years New Zealand attracts immigrants from across the World and offer opportunity to its graduates to become permanent residents if they can demonstrate that they have ability, skills, medical and character fitness to settle in New Zealand and will not pose any risk to New Zealand.

Contemplating Moving abroad? But not sure if you qualify! Feel free to speak to  Mr.Victor (Licensed Immigration Adviser) at +91 99 999 43336. MARA REGISTRATION NUMBER-1385560 Licensed Immigration Adviser Authorised by IAA New Zealand REGISTRATION NUMBER- IAA201300227.


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