New Zealand Work Llife Balance

Here I think it is much better. When I finish, I finish and I can dedicate my time to my family.

Survey after survey proves New Zealand’s enviable work-life balance.

HSBC’s 2015 Expat Explorer survey ranked us second in the world for work-life balance (and first for ‘Quality of Life’). Overall, they voted New Zealand the second most popular place on earth for expats to live and work. The latest (2015) survey by global HR consultants Mercer again ranked Auckland as the third best city in the world for ‘Quality of Living’, after Vienna and Zurich, and first in Asia Pacific and Australasia. Wellington scored well too, coming in at 12th. The UN ranks New Zealand 9th out of 187 countries on its 2015 Human Development Index. One of the largest global surveys voted New Zealand the 6th best place in the world for expatriates. HSBC’s Expat Explorer index reflects the opinions of almost 9,300 expats based in over 100 countries.

100% Pure

Imagine a land the size of the UK or Japan with all the facilities of an advanced Western economy but a fraction of the number of people. Less pressure on space and natural resources means we don’t have the pollution, congestion and health issues that you often find elsewhere. It’s one of the reasons New Zealand is one of the top three countries expats hoping to improve their wellbeing are most likely to relocate to, according to results from HSBC’s 2015 Expat Explorer survey. 

Relaxed pace of life

Our easy-going ways, uncrowded communities, relatively low crime rates and compact workplaces all mean life’s generally less stressed here. Most migrants find the reality actually exceeds expectations in this regard. For example, according to HSBC’s 2015 Expat Explorer survey, more than three-quarters (77%) of migrants to New Zealand say their overall quality of life is better than at home. “Expats take advantage of this to stay for the long-term and 71% have lived in New Zealand for five years or more.” New Zealanders find time for life’s finer things. For example, CNN rates Wellington one of the world’s eight great coffee cities. 

Less commuting

Smaller, less crowded cities and towns make getting to and from work much easier. Expect to leave home at a decent hour, and arrive back with time to achieve something in the evening. Auckland is the exception. Like any million-plus city it has noticeable peak hour traffic congestion.