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Help your Resume to Standout among others! Imagine having an American university listed on your bio data. This will make the employer pause and take notice on your education credentials from the USA. Having a USA degree would show that you have studied with one of the best higher education systems in the world, with access to cutting edge technology. Your employer will notice that you have received in-depth instructions; you have learned techniques to solve critical problems at work place and learn modern practices in your industry.



Most Popular Destination

The USA is one of the most sought after study abroad destination among Indian Students. It is known for its Commitment to Excellence, Academic Flexibility, Cultural Enhancement and off course the Lucrative Job Opportunities.

Work Opportunities Post Study

International students are eligible to apply for 12 months Optional Practical (OPT) work visa. Students who complete their degree in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics can obtain OPT up to 29 months.

Highest Ranked Universities

Amongst top ranking Universities World-wide, majority of them are in the USA. These institutes rank high in world ranking because of their excellent infrastructure, technological advancement, Brilliant Scope of Research and Top Quality Education provided by them.

Featured Programs

There are wide areas of study and specialization to choose from. There are more than 4000 Institutes offering hundreds of subjects allowing you to choose what is best for you.