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Welcome to Victor Immigration & Study Abroad Consultants. We are a premier advising group assisting International students (and families) determine the best route for study at a college, university or immigrate in different countries. We pledge to provide ethical Immigration & Study Abroad consulting and assure the highest level of customer service to our clients. Our years of experience in Immigration & higher education industry, contribute to our knowledge for making overseas education a rewarding and life-changing experience for our clients.
Victor Immigration& Study Abroad has an international footprint spreading across India as well as New Zealand. Our Licenses, professional expertise, commitment, impeccable reputation and quest for excellence are major catalysts that attract students / institutions to partner with us. Leading universities have partnered with us and we provide following services:

Study Abroad
Education Consulting
Student Exchange
Education Tourism
IELTS Preparation
Immigration Consulting including but not limited to
Study Visa
Business Visa
Work Visa
Spouse Visa
Permanent Residency Visa

When considering a destination country, the student counsellor should advise prospective students about its demographics and the options for living in a large city, small city, or the countryside. Students may have preferences when it comes to how much they want to immerse themselves in local life, and so information regarding cultural diversity, cultural highlights/drawbacks, and how densely populated a destination is will help them focus their choices. The student counsellor should also possess some knowledge of the country’s history to give students a foundation for understanding the country’s character and social and cultural idiosyncrasies.

Some students may prefer a country where there are few cultural differences to distract them from their studies, but many will want to explore a country’s culture, arts, history, sports, or other dimensions.

Again, this can be a prime motivating factor in many students’ choice of study destination, so the student counsellor should have a grasp of these elements of the study destination.

Prospective students will want to know about their visa options and the benefits and requirements of those options. For many students, being able to work will be a critical issue. Students should be told what documentation or other evidence is required for a student visa, and be given a clear time frame for preparing and submitting their application.

Study Abroad Consulting Services

Victor Immigration & Study Abroad provides students with encompassing education consulting services ranging from assistance on finding the right college / University to completing student applications and overseas support services. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the global education system or Immigration to Canada, Australia or New Zealand. We endeavour to assist students in all aspects of the college admission process and we provide following services to help students realize their dreams:

Career counselling to the students to ensure they select the right stream/university and country to pursue their education.
Creation of appropriate resume for the students to enable them to apply to their University of choice.
Applying for admission into Universities that are of interest to the student.
Communication with University regarding admission
Ensuring appropriate documentation from the University to confirm their admission.
Facilitate appropriate loan / scholarships.
Assist and advise on Study visa, fees payment, accommodations, student life, Post Study Work permit and placements.